Handmade dress towel

Handmade dress towel is a hand towel that stays put so you won’t have to pick it up off the floor. The kitchen towel attaches on both side of the upper part of the dress by snaps or ribbons. It goes over the stove door handle or a bathroom rod. These 2-sided towels have the lower and upper part made mostly of 100% cotton but at times in different color, a few bottoms are in microfibre fabric. Some of the dress have lace as access around the neck or arms, do not dry under high heat if you have purchased a dress towel with lace, as the lace might melt, then you may need to cut it off. The frill decor around the neck or arms at times are 100% cotton. These kitchen hand towels are washable and will last a long time. Highly in demand.

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